"Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn't matter whether you're a lion or gazelle - when the sun comes up, you'd better be running."
- Anonymous

Thursday, June 30, 2011

TTT: Time for a New Plan

Time for a new plan
Right before my 1/2 in June I had big plans, start a marathon training plan, run a 4th of July 5k and I was thinking about running the RnR Los Angelos in Oct. Well plans have changed I was naive to think working around my kids and husbands schedule would make for ideal conditions and in the past I would have gotten upset that things weren't going as planned gave up and just stop trying all together (flashback to last summer) instead I have decided to revamp my game plan
1. I am going to table my marathon training plan until the girls are back in school, which will make for more bearable weather and more hours to knock out longer runs. Instead I am switching to a 10k running plan since I have never officially run a 10k it's still a goal I would like to achieve and in the training the longest run is 5.5 miles so a little over an hour or less 3 days a week should be more workable.
2.Take two classes at the gym weekly, I was wanting to supplement the loss of longer runs with something and luckily the 10k plan I plan on following calls for 2 days of cross training which I will make my gym days.
3.I am no longer planning on the 4th of July 5k but I am still considering the RnR Los Angeles. :)

So now that summer is here have you had to change any plans? made any new plans concerning workouts/running?

Herb Pharm Review

A while back I did a giveaway for some of my favorite teas and in that review I pointed out that I use a couple Herb Pharm herbal extracts daily in my tea and I am finally getting around to the review. The wonderful folks at Herb Pharm sent me enough of the Athlete's Power Tonic which:Supports Healthy Function of the Immune System and Super Echinanea which: Promotes Athletic Energy, Endurance & Stamina to keep up my supply for awhile and enough to share with a couple lucky readers but you will have to come back tomorrow for that.
But I digress let me start with a bit about the company from their facebook page:

Herb Pharm's mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality herbal healthcare products, and to educating them on their safe and effective use. As part of this mission we strive to inspire people with a reverence for Mother Nature and her nurturing and healing plants.

Our work entails living in harmony with Nature in our personal lives and our business practices, and relating to our fellow workers and customers in an honest and ethical manner.

We believe that providing the best possible products, service and education will assure our success in the herbal marketplace, and since founding Herb Pharm in 1979 this has continually proven to be true.

We will continue to judge our success not by our profits but by the numerous communications from our customers telling us how their health has been enhanced and restored through our education and products.

Now that I have had a chance to use Herb Pharm products for awhile I am sure they will be something that I will continue to use, I am actually thinking about trying the Brain & Memory Tonic and their Children's Winter Health Tonic (which I am sure I will be able to put in their juice without them noticing a difference since the extracts I currently use don't really have a strong or distinct taste which is good). I am a fan of medicinal herbs over using over the counter medications for treatment and prevention any day of the week and the fact the Herb Pharm makes them in liquid form is even better. Herb Pharm carries a really large variety of Liquid Herbal Extracts & Herbal Healthcare Products so if it is something of interest to you I encourage you to check out their site and read more about the products they carry and the products functions.

And I also strongly encourage you to stop by my blog tomorrow for a chance to win some Athlete's Power Tonic and Super Echinacea

To learn more about Herb Pharm you can find them online at

You can also find them on facebook here..

Monday, June 27, 2011

Barlean's Review

I don't take a multi-vitamin though I know I should but I am a fan of herbal teas, herbal supplements, and good oils you know the ones fish, flax, olive, coconut basically anything I can get that will in someway help to make and keep me healthy as a mom of 4 the less days I spend sick or tired or sick and tired the better. So when I tried a sample of Barlean's Omega Swirl at the gym found out it had essential 3,6 & 9 Omegas, organic flax seed oil, borage oil and tasted like an orange creamsicle I was like yes please.So I contacted the company and they were nice enough to send me a few of their products to try

I currently just take it straight a spoonful before breakfast and it's good, smooth and it tastes good but the after does feel a little oily but not bad so that's why I take it before a meal but after looking at their facebook page I may have to try it in a smoothie.

Out of the three flavors they sent I have tried the Orange Cream Total Omega and the Mango Peach Omega-3 Fish Oil and I like them both however the Mango Peach is my favorite thus far but I am putting my money on the thought that if I get my hands on The Women's Essential Swirl which is Chocolate Raspberry

and it taste anything like either of these:

Than I am sure it will be my favorite, oh and it has a lot stuff that's good for you too.

Here's a little information from their site:
Omega Swirl is an Omega-3 Sensation with the taste and texture of a fruit smoothie! Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of Omega-3 without the oily taste and texture of liquids or having to swallow large capsules. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Omega Swirl flax and fish oil supplements are the freshest, best-tasting and most nutritious Omega-3 products, naturally. Omega Swirl is the perfect solution for the whole family!

Align CenterPacked with essential Omega-3s, Omega Swirl was created to nutritionally support:

Heart Health
Cholesterol Levels Already Within a Healthy Range
Joint Mobility and Bone Density
Energy and Endurance
Skin, Hair and Nail Health
Mental Health, Wellness and Acuity
Blood Glucose Levels Already Within a Healthy Range
Sexual and Hormonal Health

If you prefer your flax or fish oils straight up no chaser (pure) Barlean's carries a variety of oils that also include coconut, primrose and borage to learn more about their products you can visit them online at www.barleans.com
You can also find them on facebook here... and on twitter here...

Stay tuned and check in Friday because I may just have a giveaway..

*I received products from Barleans to facilitate this review all opinions expressed are my own.

WeekEnd Round-UP 6/27 (Giveaways, Race Reports & More)

I think we will have tomatoes soon

Great things going on in the blogworld
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Raffles, Fundraisers, Virtual Races, etc.

Stop by Running Ricig and comment to take part in her virtual timed Mile Challenge. The goal to see how fast you can run just 1 mile, you have the whole month of July to complete it and there is a to be determined prize up for grabs. :)

Carrie over at Family Fitness Food is going to host a "Not" Over the Hill Virtual 5k Aug. 7-13

Over at Mom's Run this Town they are having a Virtual 5k race series sorry fellas this is just for the ladies. 1 Virtual race every month (June, July, August & Sept) throughout the summer. Hurry if your interested today is the last day to enter their June SPIbelts' Stuff it and Run 5k.

SupermomE12 is hosting a Team Meb NYC Marathon Fundraising Giveaway!! To help her reach her goal for the Meb Foundation and be entered for some great prizes check it out.

If you head over to Walk a Mile in my Boots... you can give to a great cause in her Kick Cancer With A Combat Boot Raffle and be entered to win some sweet gear.
Tonia over at Racing with Babes is having a NYC Marathon Raffle to raise money for Grassroot Soccer. Some great prizes up for grabs and a cause with an awesome mission to donate to.

Courtney over at Run, Courtney, Run is having a TNT Chicago Triathlon Fundraising Raffle she has some great stuff up for grabs and of course let's not forget it's for a good cause. raffle is open 6/17-7/29


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Have a Great Week and Happy Running!!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

2nd Annual Sweat Your Thorns Off Virtual 5k

So as I was getting for bed last night I decided that I would get up this morning, get my butt in gear and sweat my thorns off with the rest of you. So I woke up at 7:30 since race start for me was going to 8:20 since I had to wait for the husband to get home before I could head out.

Pre-race meal was quick and simple wheat toast with Skippy natural peanut butter.

I also decided to try out my new Hydrapak
Since I was able to get ready a little bit early I decided to do some pre-race hydrating
And catch up on the current events I am sure I was on the NY Times or Newsweek page there was no way I would be on twitter or facebook first thing in the morning. ;)
So 8:13 that beautiful man walks in
and after a quick sunblock application..
.. 8:15 out the door with 5 mins. to make it to the race start
or race stop in this case, at 8:21 I was off
Always looking for ways to multitask I mapped out a route that would take me past all the major corners on my side of town so I could scope out todays yard sales which was slated be the next thing on my to do list, I didn't get anything good just two picture frames.

All I can say about this run is I finished when I started I thought it was going to be a run but it turned into a run/walk situation but it's all good I was glad I got out and got it done, me and the heat are not friends and all my future runs this summer will be either indoors or I am thinking evening cause hot at the start and hotter at the finish does not work for me.

Hot, sweaty and hungry ( I vote next year breakfast be included)

Thanks Adam for once again hosting after all this heat I am very much looking forward to Freezing My Thorns off. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quotable Tuesday

“Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Continue to learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is.”
~Mary Anne Radmacher

I chose this quote this week because the first sentence struck a cord with me. This week I decided to start the Clean program in hopes to reset my eating habits. Up until about November of last year I was heavy into clean eating and trying to reduce the amount of junk me and my family where consuming then the holidays rolled around and turned into the new year and now it is six months into 2011 and my eating habits are a mess and I have the extra weight to prove it. So I am changing the first sentence of the quote into my motto for the 3 weeks I will be doing the program to be "Eat with Intention" so many days I will go to bed feeling heavy, or blah or sometimes even sick thinking I shouldn't have eaten that brownie, or drank that last coke or whatever my overindulgence was for the day and the truth is when I woke up in the morning eating junk wasn't my intention but the fact of the matter is I had no plan, no boundaries, no intentions and I gotta be honest junk (in my case soda and chocolate) taste really good . I have done a detox/cleanse before and though it feels like a food rehab program during
(no joke these last couple days every other thought is chocolate or coffee related. I was telling my husband real talk this must be what it is like for an alcoholic in rehab. Earlier today I was thinking just one little piece of chocolate will probably make me feel so much better, that is addict tendencies. Hi, my name is Erica and I am addicted to caffeine)
after I was done I felt a lot better, was more aware of my food choices and cut back on coffee,chocolate and soda significantly so fingers crossed it turns out that way again.

So in addition to reading Clean

I will also be adding In Defense of Food to my reading list to help me stay focused and motivated

Any changes you are working on or would like to make??

Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Round-Up 6/20

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Raffles, Fundraisers, Virtual Races, etc.

Adam over at The Boring Runner is bringing back his Sweat Your Thorns Off 5k. So if you could like to be apart of the second annual 5k on June 25th in person or virtually stop by and let him know your in. :)
If you head over to Walk a Mile in my Boots... you can give to a great cause in her Kick Cancer With A Combat Boot Raffle and be entered to win some sweet gear.
Tonia over at Racing with Babes is having a NYC Marathon Raffle to raise money for Grassroot Soccer. Some great prizes up for grabs and a cause with an awesome mission to donate to.

Courtney over at Run, Courtney, Run is having a TNT Chicago Triathlon Fundraising Raffle she has some great stuff up for grabs and of course let's not forget it's for a good cause. raffle is open 6/17-7/29


Mile Posts: Lift Your Sole 6/26

Have a Great Week and Happy Running!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Three Things Thursday- What I have planned for the summer

So now that I have finished my 1/2 marathon and the kids are on summer vacation I have learned from experience that I need to have an immediate plan of action so here is what I'm thinking

A.I am going to start what I am affectionately calling the marathon I will never run training plan. In case you missed it I decided that to push myself to new distances but have no desire in my heart to brave a marathon so thought a good compromise would be finding and completing a marathon training plan over the summer
B. I am thinking, well my husband actually suggested me running the RnR Los Angeles Half Marathon on Oct. so I am seriously considering it I feel I need a redeeming 1/2 marathon.
C. I am going to run a local 5k July 4th that I have run the last 2 yrs. and will be my first official 5k this year and the first race I have run with my oldest daughter.

Since I am signing my kids up for the summer reading program at the library where they have to read at least 10 books write the titles on a reading log and turn it in so I have decided to try and read at least 10 books this summer myself, sure 8 of them will be the Pretty Little Liars series but their books so it counts. and I am looking for at least two more good reads any suggestions???

3. Reviews
I am so behind on reviews that I may just do a week of reviews or a couple every Friday until I am caught up I haven't decided but I would like to thank the wonderful companies who are waiting on reviews for their patience they are coming soon and to all my wonderful readers bare with me while I bombard you with reviews.. :)

So there it is what I plan to do now I just need to figure out my summer running/workout schedule between the heat and the kids being home it's going to be a challenge to find a balance any tips? or strategies you use to get your runs/workouts in during the summer?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

San Diego Post Race Family Time

Last week we were out of town for 7 days and while I would like to say it was a family vacation the truth is me and my husband both had events in the same week so we planned a trip around it 3 1/2 days in San Diego and 3 1/2 Days in Ontario for the husbands basketball tournament and whenever we travel as a family for an event for my husband and/or I, I have found it is imperative to plan stuff for the kids it keeps them happy which in turns helps them to behave better and I helps me from feeling guilty about dragging them around to our events.

So with this trip like all others we were on a budget so the criteria for the family activities were simple; affordable and fun so I did my homework beforehand and planned two outings for the kids.

So the first one was easy we spent the afternoon after my 1/2 marathon on the beach, you can't really go wrong with sand, water and this location even had a playground.

and since Monday was the last full free day before moving on to the next event I wanted to make sure we had something I knew the kids would get a kick out of so I was excited to learn that there was an Aquarium about 15 mins. from my moms in La Jolla that met both criteria affordable ($12 for Adults and $8.50 for kids 3-17 which for our family is about the same as a meal at a sit down restaurant or a movie once you add in popcorn) and it was something I new the kids would enjoy. I reached out to the wonderful folks there before leaving on the trip and they kind enough to let my family and come visit no charge for the day but even if they hadn't we still would have went. So Monday morning stiff and sore as all get out we took the girls to The Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego. The Birch Aquarium' s Mission is:

* to provide ocean science education
* to interpret Scripps research
* to promote ocean conservation

We provide ocean science education through creative exhibits, programs, and activities designed to help people use critical thinking, and to make science relevant
to their daily lives.

We interpret Scripps Institution of Oceanography research, emphasizing the interdisciplinary nature of the science used to study Earth, and inspiring public support
of scientific endeavors.

We promote conservation through education and research, believing that with increased understanding of the ocean, people will respect and protect the marine environment

From the moment we stepped inside the top 3 phrases I heard in order of frequency were:
1. oooh mommy
2. mommy look
3. what's that one ??
I must have heard them each at least 100 times or more, which is good sign.

Some of my most favorite things about the aquarium were:

~The "There's Something About Seahorses" exhibit mainly because seahorses are so darn cute..

..and kin to the seahorse the seadragon is just about the most interesting thing I have ever seen
~This picture doesn't do it justice but just the sheer size of the wolf eel in the picture close up made it one of my favorites, it was so big
...and the happy face on the sting ray how could it not be a favorite
~The interactive aspect in the "Feeling the Heat: The Climate Challenge" exhibit was a great chance for the kids to get a little hands on.

..and lastly the view from the tide pool area was quite impressive.

Overall I would give The Birch Aquarium two thumbs up my husband and I both agree that the Aquarium was not only fun and interesting to see it was also very educational with kid friendly exhibits and included a lot of hands on experiences made for a worthwhile family visit and I have to mention the staff was pretty awesome taking the time to share information (we learned quite a bit about wolf eels) and answer all the questions the kids and I had. I am hoping to go back once the have their Boundless Energy Exhibit up this July.

So if you are ever in the San Diego area and are looking for a great family destination I strongly suggest checking out The Birch Aquarium at Scripps

For more information about The Birch Aquarium you can find them online at http://aquarium.ucsd.edu
or can also find them on facebook here... or twitter here...

Lastly I had to include some input from the girls so just today I asked them what was there favorite thing at the Aquarium and I find it interesting that I had pictures to go with all of their answers (mothers intuition I guess or it could be that i took a trillion pictures) so their answers are as follows:

The oldest said "The jellyfish"

Daughter #2 Liked the tide pools and stuck her hand in there to touch everything they would allow her to on the flip side they couldn't have paid my husband to stick his hand in there to touch anything which I found amusing.
For daughter #3 it was the octopus, of course it was only she could find love for something that huge & icky looking.

daughter #4 my baby when I asked her said " I liked dory" and immediately i knew what she was talking about the majority of our visit for her was about locating all the characters from Finding Nemo.