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Monday, June 15, 2009

Amazing Grass Review & GiveAway!!!

I had the privilege of trying out some Amazing Grass products ( I know lucky me but don't worry I because this review come with a great giveaway so it could also be lucky you!!!) I was really excited to try their wheat grass after reading and hearing about all the benefits but was pleasantly surprised when I received samples of their wheat grass and also a few of their other products. Including their Kidz Superfood which I blended into a smoothie for the kiddos and they were none the wiser, merely thinking mommy had treated them to a chocolate smoothie so in short it was a hit. :)

So I have finally gone and did it, I have officially gone Green well Green Monster that is, My first smoothie to try out their wheat grass, I figured wheat grass would have an overpowering taste but it didn't I married very well into my morning drink.

I have also gone brown, one of if not my favorite product was the Pomegranate Mango Infusion Amazing Meal added to a smoothie that included a few blueberries turned into this delicious brown concoction. Overall I was so impressed with their products and have narrowed my list down to four products I am definitely wanting to keep on hand, in case you are curios these products are Organic Wheat Grass Powder, Pomegranate Mango Amazing Meal, Kidz Superfood and their Original Amazing Meal.

From the Company:
"What do Amazing Grass products do for me?
Life’s daily functions, such as digestion, stress, exercise, and the consumption of processed foods, coffee or alcohol all form acid. When your body’s pH is in the acidic range, it retains water to dilute the acidity and stores fat to protect the body’s organs from the acidity.
Amazing Grass wheat and barley grass has a high alkalizing effect, which helps restore the balance between acidity and alkalinity in our body. Most processed foods are acidic, and when we consume too many of them, the acidity-alkalinity balance is upset. Our cells cannot effectively function if our body is out of balance. Prolonged acidity can lead to stress of our body’s cells and organs and ultimately may lead to illness and disease. Cleansing and detoxifying our body will balance the acidity-alkalinity ratio resulting in rejuvenated cellular activity. After our body’s pH levels are balanced, you will notice an increase in energy, stamina and less need for sleep. Consuming Amazing Grass may also lead to a decreased craving for junk food, sweets and may limit overeating.
Wheat Grass: Whole leaf wheat grass powder when grown, processed and stored under optimal conditions is considered one of the most potent leafy green vegetables available. Wheat grass powder is an excellent concentrated food source of beta-carotene, calcium, chlorophyll, fiber, iron and vitamin K. It is also a very good source of protein, vitamin C, vitamin B-12, folic acid, vitamin B-6, trace minerals and contains all essential amino acids. Dehydrated wheat grass has been used for over 50 years as a vitamin and mineral supplement. "

Buy It:
To get product information (if you want to see for yourself all the wonderful products and their benefits) of to order Amazing Grass products you can find them online at amazinggrass.com

Win It: The Wonderful People at Amazing Grass have generously offered to give the Best of Both Combo (which includes their Organic Wheat Grass and Green Superfood) to one of my readers. (This could mean you!!)
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